WBC Craft Beers

Craft beers are a celebration at the Wichita Brewing Company. WBC founders, Jeremy and Greg, are the masterminds behind the ever-expanding selection of WBC craft brews. The entire team has made it our life mission to create innovative craft beers that are unique, twisty, hoppy, and unforgettable! The WBC craft beers currently in cans include: WBC Wheat, Valley View, V6 IPA, 5:02 Amber, Catherine III Russian Imperial Stout, F’N Ned Sour IPA, 5:03 Imperial Red Ale and our Longball Craft Lager. From wheats to stouts to IPAs and beyond, WBC is proud to be a brewery for “beer lovers” everywhere.

Both of our brewpub locations are loaded with 19 different taps that are alternated regularly. Our beers speak for themselves, and we’re confident that you’ll enjoy our unique brews. View our Untappd page to see what people are enjoying about our drinks. Looking for nationally recognized beers? We’ve got those, too!

How many WBC beers have you tried?