Our Beer Story


The story of our Wichita Brewery starts back in 2009 when two home brewers had a vision. Greg Gifford and Jeremy Horn wanted to bring good beer and good pizza to the people of Wichita. After a lot of hard work and many, many, many pints later, Wichita Brewing Company opened its doors in the summer of 2011. The start was slow, with only five beers on tap. Eventually, this would grow to 17 beers on tap.

Expanding East & West

Success seemed to come naturally to the two home brewers. Wichitans rejoiced, and their thirst for craft beer from our Wichita brewery kept growing. Eventually it was decided that Wichita needed to be able to get good beer on both sides of town. In 2015 the east side WBC was open for business, but this was not enough.

WBC Canning & Distribution

Eventually Wichita Brewing Company acquired an 18,000 square foot warehouse. The hopes were to continue brewing the same great beer, but they wanted to brew a lot more of it and they wanted to make sure a lot more people got the chance to enjoy it. This allowed WBC to can, keg, and distribute all throughout the state and on into Missouri, Oklahoma, and Wyoming.

Our Brewing Transformation

From tinkering with self-built brewing systems in the garage and a brick-fire oven in the back yard to owning and operating an 18,000 square-foot brewing facility in south Wichita, Greg and Jeremy have come a long way. From hopeful and passionate hobbyists to full-fledged entrepreneurs, they have built a highly successful business from the ground up and continue to serve up pizza, beer and passion, in equal measure, every single day.

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