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December 22, 2014

The First Blog

Welcome to our new website and blogging area.  What to talk about and where to begin this blogging adventure?  First of all thank you to all our loyal fans who have enjoyed our west side location for over 3 years now.  Well here goes nothing.

We are in the process of a lot of expansion.  We have a new brewpub under construction at Central and Woodlawn.  We are still in the early stages of construction out there.  Although a lot has been accomplished so far.  The building itself is going to be quite a bit larger than our west side location.  It should be able to fit around 130 people inside and around 40 outside on the patio.  As compared to the west side, which is 92 inside and 20 outside.  Since the seating capacity is going to be larger, naturally, our pizza oven and brewing system is going to be larger.  If you’ve ever had a problem with parking out west, you will NOT have a parking problem out east.  We will have more parking than what to do with, Halleluiah!


Our next big project that we are taking on is a production brewing facility.  We have purchased a large warehouse just south of downtown Wichita.  We are buying Tallgrass Brewing Co’s brewing system, fermenters, bright tanks, centrifuge and miscellaneous equipment.  Basically everything they have except their canning line (you can blame Walnut River Brewing).  Once the we have everything in place and up and running, we are going to have the capacity to can our beer.  We are looking at canning four of our beers to start off with.  Still debating which four beers to roll out with.


Let us know what you are going to be more excited about to be entered into our #wbcEPICxmas giveaway.  Going to the eastside brewpub or picking up our beer at the liquor store?  Up for grabs in the giveaway is a couple of our WBC tins.  Just Add a comment below.  Cheers.


Kyle Banick Head Brewer

Wichita Brewing Company

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