New England Style Double India Pale Ale

We’ve brought to life a New England Style Double Dry-Hopped Double IPA from Wichita, Kansas.

Released in February 2020

Hypothesis: We can create a beer with monster flavor by double dry hopping it and adding four different varieties of fruits for a taste that has no compare.

There have been some incredible aromas coming out of our secret test batch lair, thanks to this newest release in our Mad Scientist Experimental Series. It is an absolute beast of a New England Double IPA, since it has been double Dry-Hopped with a couple of brand-new hop varieties called Sultana and Lotus. This beer is purposely left unfiltered to allow for the yeast and the hop flavors to remain at their freshest. so, whether you drink it out of the can or pint glass, you’ll be mesmerized by its delectable mixture of pineapple, orange citrus, tropical fruits and berry-like aromas. Cheers!

ABV: 7.75%

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