Imperial Brown with Coconut

We hypothesize that people will go nuts over this mad, new potion.

Released in November 2019

Hypothesis: We can create a whole new breed of beer by combining our beastly Imperial Brown Ale with a special added formula – Coconut.

Those crazed and unpredictable experimentalists that reside deep down in our secret test batch lair have created a truly magical new potion. As the third installment of our experimental series, we’re proud to release this mind-blowing Imperial Brown Ale with Coconut! Heaping doses of specialty malts bring powerful flavors like nuts, raisins, toast, and toffee to the forefront while a deeply satisfying back-end warmth absorbs into the senses at every sip. Have no fear though because this robust creature does have a softer, cuddly side thanks to the loads of added coconuts, which help tame its mighty flavor. So, give this madly ingenious mixture a try today.

ABV: 8.5% | IBU: 22

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