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One Topping Pepperoni


One Topping Sausage


One Topping Cheese


Gregorian Feast


We take fresh cooked Italian sausage, mix it with roasted garlic, caramelized onions & mushrooms, then top it with mozzarella & serve it over our sweet red sauce. Simply delicious.



A BBQ base topped with pulled pork, hot links, cubed steak, onions, banana peppers, Red pepper flakes and mozzarella. Drizzled with BBQ sauce.

Mississippi Pot Roast


Marinated and slow cooked pulled pork, our ranch seasoning and topped with mozzarella and pepperoncinis.

Jalapeño Popper Pizza


BBQ chicken and bacon over cream cheese and mozzarella topped with fresh jalapeños and drizzled with ranch.

Mr. White


This nontraditional pizza has a sophisticated and classy feel. Starts with a creamy alfredo base with garlic and red pepper flakes and covered with sauteed mushrooms, spinach, fresh mozzarella, and garnished with fresh basil.

The Dad Joke


Steak and bacon with cream cheese and garlic, white and yellow cheddar, mozzarella, and parmesan, topped with honey, sriracha, and chives. Very cheesy, just like a dad!

Sweet Heat Carnivore


All of our heartiest meats-oven roasted chicken, marinated steak, hot links, & cubed pepperoni on a base of our red sauce and sriracha - topped with mozzarella & drizzled with Buffalo sauce & honey.

Grilled Cheese Stuffed Pizza


This pizza is sure to bring out the kid in all of us. We start with 1 dough, covered with loads of Amerian cheese. Then we add a second crust topped with our homemade red sauce, pepperoni and mozzarella cheese. Served with a side of tomato bisque soup for your dipping pleasures!

The Real Dill


It's a pickle lover's dream. We start out with a creamy lemon dill sauce and red pepper flakes for the base. It's then topped with chopped dill pickles, sliced red onion, sliced Capicola, and mozzarella cheese. We finish it off with ranch drizzle and a garnish of fresh dill and even more crispy dill pickle slices.

Cheesy Chicken Pesto


Mozzarella accompanies our red sauce, oven-roasted chicken breast, pesto blend, and fresh-sliced tomatoes. Simple, but Oh! so delicious.

Thai Chili Chicken *


Thai Chili Sauce base, oven-roasted chicken tossed in Teriyaki glaze, broccoli, red peppers, mushrooms & mozzarella. * Contains Peanuts.

Triple-Spicy Italian


A taste of Italy with just a little kick. A homemade red sauce & Italian dressing base, spicy Capicola ham, fresh-cut pepperoni & Genoa salami topped with mozzarella & provolone to bring it all together!

Cajun Bacon Ranch


Chicken & sweet pepper bacon covered in Cajun spices & roasted garlic oil all on top of Alfredo sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese & more Cajun spices. Drizzled with our ranch dressing.

Mutha McCluck'r


Our spiciest offering to test the connoisseurs of heat! A citrus-blaze base topped with chicken, hot links, red peppers, fresh-sliced jalapeños, red pepper flakes & cilantro. A drizzle of sriracha & honey brings it all together.

Pep Pep Pepperoni


Red sauce & mozzarella with cubed, sliced, & deli-cut pepperoni... a pepperoni lover’s perfect pick!

Classic Margherita


We understand that classics become classics for a reason, so we put this true classic on the menu. Fresh mozzarella & basil, oven-dried tomatoes, olive oil & herb mix. Doesn’t get much better.

The Farias Wheel


Alfredo sauce, oven-roasted chicken, Capicola ham, Italian sausage, mozzarella cheese & topped with cilantro.

WBC Veggie


Onions, mushrooms, red & yellow peppers, broccoli & black olives. You can hold the mozzarella for a fairly healthy pizza pie!

Capicola Sunshine


Taste the island glory with this Hawaiian throwback. Sliced pineapple torn into pieces & spicy Capicola ham, shredded mozzarella cheese, with red & yellow peppers over red sauce.



This pizza is Hall of Fame worthy. We start with a cream cheese, sriracha and garlic base, then add wood-fired chicken, sautéed mushrooms and bacon, topped with mozzarella.

Around the Horn


The co-admiral’s favorite... pepperoni, Italian sausage & hot links combined with onions, black olives, mushrooms, yellow peppers, & mozzarella cheese atop our red sauce.

Taco Pizza


Refried beans, seasoned ground beef, & shredded white cheddar cheese cooked, then topped with lettuce, & diced tomatoes, drizzled with cheddar sauce & served with a side of sour cream & salsa.

Honeysucculent BBQ


A sweet BBQ sauce base topped with oven-roasted chicken, fresh mozzarella, and sweet pepper bacon... all drizzled with more BBQ sauce & honey!

The Banick


The ultimate meat lovers pizza. Spicy Capicola ham, chicken, Italian sausage, pepperoni, shredded mozzarella cheese, sweet pepper bacon & hot links.

The Itis


You know that drowsy feeling you get after you eat a huge meal? That’s the ITIS & this pizza is why you get it! First the dough, then cream cheese & American cheese, Italian sausage & spicy Capicola. Add a SECOND PIZZA DOUGH, red sauce, cubed pepperoni, fresh mozzarella & a double portion of wood-fired, sweet pepper bacon. Relax your belt, grab a pillow, & dig into this truly decadent pie!!

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