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Wichita Brewing Company EPIC Christmas Giveaway

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We are excited to announce our lineup for our social media giveaway, The Wichita Brewing Company EPIC Christmas, or for short #wbcEPICxmas.  This is where we give away brewery swag and merchandise every day leading up to Christmas during the month of December.  This is just a small thank you for being such amazing followers of ours on social media.  If your friends or family members don’t follow us on social media, tell them that now is the time!  We will give out items ranging from pint glasses to shirts and more!

Listed below is everywhere we will make a post for the day and randomly pick the name of one of our followers who engage (reacts, comments, shares, retweets) with our post on the next day.  The social media outlets you need to make sure to follow in hopes to win will be our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We will also be posting on our WBC Venue Facebook and our WBC Venue Instagram accounts. We hope that you have a great Christmas season and that you win a prize.  Cheers and good luck!

Christmas Giveaway Social Media Schedule:

December 1st – December 6th – Facebook

December 7th – December 11th – Twitter

December 12th – December 18th – Instagram

December 19th – December 21st – Facebook

December 22nd / December 23rd – Wichita Brewing Event Venue Instagram

December 24th – Blog post that you can access via Facebook!

Anniversary #9

By Wichita Brewing Company

Wichita Brewing Company

Anniversary #9

              Anniversary #9, but not Anniversary Party #9.  Normally we would have a big write up of a cool music lineup for a big gathering at both brewpubs to celebrate another year in the books.   We would explain how many different beers we would have inside vs what beers would be outside.  What food we would serve outside as the party gets going.  We would keep a good eye on the weather to make sure that we could pull everything off.  Internally we would be debating how many servers and bartenders we will need to make sure we take care of everyone in a timely manner.  How many kegs and cases of beers we need to cram into our small brewpub coolers.  How many bags of ice are needed to keep beers outside cold?   Who must set up everything and who must stay late and make sure everything gets put away?  What could we do to make this year’s anniversary party bigger and better for everyone? Well, that is not the case this year.  Insert pandemic here.


So why even have an anniversary if you cannot have a big party?  Celebrating our anniversary is more than just cramming as many people into our brewpubs on one night or weekend as possible.  It is more than hanging out on the patio listening to local music.  It is more than sharing a pint or two with friends on a night.  Do not get us wrong, we love and miss all those things as much as the next person.  Having the anniversary this year is now just a way for us to show gratitude to some of the most loyal customers in Wichita and around.  It is a time that we can reflect for being so lucky to have amazing people support us during a difficult year.  It is a time that we can be thankful for all the little things that we take for granted every day.   With that in mind, thank you.


What will this year’s anniversary look like then if it’s not going to be a party?  The best part of all our anniversary party is our beer lineup.  This year is no different than previous years.  We have saved the release of some exciting beers for Friday, the 31st.  I think the most anticipated beer on the beer lineup is Key Lime Pie.  This was formerly Tallgrass Brewing’s more popular seasonal releases that they did.  Did not know we were making Tallgrass Brewing brands?  Where have you been?  Just kidding, we are and that is story for a different blog.  Everyone will get their first taste of it this weekend.  Just think Key Lime Pie in a glass and you will not be disappointed.  We also are releasing the first beer in a new series called Sour Psychology.  This is a barrel-aged sour red ale with black cherries.  The combination of all the flavors in this beer meld together perfectly.  Another exciting summer release is our newest Wichita Hard Seltzer Black Raspberry.  Light in every way possible except in flavor.  Seltzer beers are not going away anytime soon and with one drink of this one, you will agree.  We have a couple specialty anniversary seltzer kegs to tap on Friday.  The east brewpub will tap a lemon green tea flavored seltzer.  The west brewpub will tap a pineapple seltzer keg.  We only have one keg of each.  If anyone is into big beers and big flavors, we have that covered too.  Hatch Green Chile Barleywine is one to satisfy the biggest flavor seeker.  After Johnson Garden Center had to cancel one of our favorite events, Iron Head Hatch Green Chile Fest.  We thought we would pay homage to them and their event with this beer offering.  If you like a little salt in your beer, we have that as well.  Pineapple Lime Gose will be freshly kegged on Friday morning right before the doors open at 11.  One beer that is becoming an anniversary staple, Grapefruit V6.  V6 infused with some of the biggest grapefruits on the market.  A juicy hopped up IPA that comes around once year.  Like all these beers? Be the first to try it.


It still sounds like you are trying to get a bunch of people to your place and not be socially responsible?  We are offering all these beers to go and our amazing food to go as well.  Any single topping pizza ordered to go will only be $9.  Anniversary #9 with $9 single topping pizzas to go…Creative, we know.  We will be fully stocked with cans, growlers, and pizza boxes ready to help you celebrate wherever you want to celebrate.  So many can options, that it is too many to list.  Well just list on here, an appropriate beer lineup will be able to do that.  We are open for dine in and having a beer inside.  We just want everyone to keep in mind that everything is available to go.  Like everyone or almost everyone, you will need a mask to enter and move around at the pubs.  And of course, you do not have to wear a mask while you eat or drink.  It is just too messy to do that.


What else can I (customer) do to help WBC celebrate their anniversary?  We (WBC) want to share your story on your favorite WBC beer, pizza, experience, event, anniversary, or anything related.  Tell us on social media by tagging us in your favorite story and we will share it on our page.  Do not have social media?  Email your story that you want to share.  To show appreciation of your story, we will pick 10 people’s story and give them a WBC shirt of their choosing.  Already have every single shirt we have made.  We can find something for you, do not worry.  You can send those stories over Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.   I will give you an example of a story of mine.  One of my favorite beers we ever did was the first time we made Barrel-Aged Seal Team 6.  We had just picked up four freshly dumped Leopold Whiskey barrels from Colorado and filled a couple of them with Seal Team 6.  My mind was blown on how much barrel and whiskey flavor seeped into the strong Black IPA.  One of many favorite beers we have done over the years.


Thanks for reading and cannot wait to read some of your stories.  Cheers to you and thanks for helping us turn the big 9.  We are grateful for your support, especially in these trying times.




Wichita Brewing Company

Kyle Banick

Yumkin Pumpkin Special Release

By Wichita Brewing Company

Yumkin Pumpkin Special Release


A quick thank you to everyone who has ordered to-go food and beer with us during these abnormal times.

In March, we held a fun social media “March madness” tournament with our beers.  We started with 64 of past and current WBC beers in the tournament and you voted on which one was your favorite.  Well, as you can see Yumkin Pumpkin was crowned the tournament champion.  To honor such a victory and to put a smile on your face, we have brewed up a single batch of Yumkin Pumpkin.  We know we have a lot of avid Pumpkin fans.  We want to make as many people happy as possible and keep this a fun release.  To help spread the joy to as many Yumkin Pumpkin fans, here is our release plan.


The single “small” batch we brewed should yield 14 beer barrels of Yumkin Pumpkin at the time of packaging. There are 31 gallons of beer per barrel. We are going to divide up the liquid in the following manner:

4- ½ barrel kegs

20-1/6 barrel kegs

118- cases or 472-6 packs


The ½ barrel kegs will go to the brewpubs and will be used to fill growlers.  That will yield about 30 growlers per keg.  Limit of two growlers per customer.


The 1/6 barrel kegs will be sold to individuals on a first come first served basis.  To order a keg of pumpkin, email  Limit one per customer.  Cost of a keg is $100 plus a $30 deposit fee for the keg shell (refundable upon return).  Instructions on pickup times will be included in a confirmation email.  The kegs will need to be picked up from our production facility at 727 E. Osie.  If we do not have 20 people that want a 1/6 barrel, we will put that liquid in more cans.


The cases of Yumkin Pumpkin will be divided up equally and sent to the East and West brewpubs on Friday, May 1st.  We are also canning the pumpkin that Friday morning.  So, the beer will be as fresh as it will ever be.  The cans and growlers will begin to go on sale at 1 PM May 1st.  We are limiting everyone to two 6-packs per person.  When we are gone, we are gone.  Yumkin Pumpkin ordering will not be available online.  Phone ordering should only be used in conjunction with food orders.  If you are only wanting to buy beer to go, please order in person at one of the pubs.  This will help us control the flow of people to maintain appropriate social distancing to keep everyone safe.  The phone number to our west location is 316-440-2885.  The phone number to our east location is 316-440-4885.  We will have a specially designated area for beer only sales near the front door of each brewpub.  Please help us enforce social distancing and keep 6 feet away from other people while at the brewpubs.  Please be patient when picking up.  We will try to make the process as smooth as possible for everyone.  No orders for cans or growlers will be accepted before 1 PM on May 1st.


Can’t forget about the treasured spice rims for your Yumkin Pumpkin!  We will have one spice rim container available for free with every purchase of Pumpkin.  If you would like additional containers of the spiced rim, they will be $0.50.


We hope to make these unknown times a little more enjoyable for everyone.  Thanks for being a fan of Wichita Brewing Company and supporting us.  We look forward to the days of re-opening our dining room doors and sharing a pizza and beer with you all.


Cheers and stay safe everyone.




Wichita Brewing Company


Wichita Brewing Co. 2017 In Review

By Wichita Brewing Company
Here is a look back at 2017 through some pictures.  2017 was a good year for Wichita Brewing Company and we hope you had a great year.










We started last year just like we are going to start 2018, with our New Year’s Day specials.









We started our pizza of the month program and that will also start Jan.1, 2018 with some new places.













Jeremy and Kyle went to the state capitol, where Jeremy spoke on behalf of Kansas breweries.











In March, we held our second annual relay marathon that benefits the Kansas Food Bank.










In April, we launched “I drank Wichita”, which we will do again in 2018 with some new places.











































We launched some new brands in 2017 including F’N Ned, Longball Craft Lager, Scicilia, and Oztoberfest to name a few.











We celebrated our 6th anniversary by hosting parties at WBC West and WBC East.











We held our second annual golf tournament which benefited the Kansas Food Bank.













































One of the biggest highlights of the year was winning a silver medal at the Great American Beer Festival.











We signed a lease on the building in front of WBC East to be a Venue.  Opening spring of 2018.











We were in the news a couple of days for someone stealing our truck that we got back the next day.














Most recently, we released our newest beer, WuShock Wheat.


Hope you enjoyed our year in review and cheers to what 2018 will hold.



Kyle Banick



WBC Anniversary Party #6

By Wichita Brewing Company

Party Time:

With the anniversary party fast approaching, it is time to get everyone up to speed on what to expect at our 6th anniversary party.

We are hosting a party of epic proportions at Wichita Brewing Company & Pizzeria West on Friday, August 4th.  Then, doing it all over again on Saturday, August 5th at Wichita Brewing Company & Pizzeria East.  If you have never been before, here is a quick run down of what happens; release new beers, canned beer specials, draft specials, live music, anniversary swag, new swag, and Hopperoni Express serving pizza to the patio party.

New Beer Releases:

This is always the fun part at Wichita Brewing Company.  Brewer’s creativity coming together to showcase new beers that we have been saving for this special occasion.  There will be new canned beers that come from Production, new brews from the East location, new brews from the West location, and some small one-off beers that stem from our year-round beers.  Let’s start with the new canned beers coming from our production facility:

New Production releases:

Scicilia Sour Red is the highlight of all the beers we are releasing this weekend.  This beer has been aging in red wine barrels and our oak foeder (a large wooden storage vessel) for over a year.  The idea of this beer was formed about 4 years ago when we first got some wine barrels delivered to our west location.  One of the wine barrels that we received was stamped on the end with the word “Scicilia.”  Light bulbs went off in our head as that would make a really cool beer name.  The idea was to fill the wine barrels with different beers and sour them in different ways and come up with our own unique blend that we can call our own.  We have released a beer at WBC in the past named Scicilia, however, that is not what this new release is going to taste like.  This version of Scicila came from a small test batch at our production facility where we experimented with souring our Mass Hysteria Rye.  The results were amazing… From there we wanted to take this new found knowledge and turn it into the base of our sour barrel program.  Now with a once used 60 barrel foeder (Catherine III was the inaugural beer in the foeder) and 30 freshly dumped wine barrels, we had some art to make.  The foeder was filled with a kettle soured rye ale (not the Mass Hysteria recipe) and fermented with Brettanomyces, or commonly known simply as “Brett.”  The burgundy color and the spice of the rye blend perfectly with the cherry tartness/sour characteristics that comes from the Brett.  This makes up 70 percent of the beer.  The 30 red wine barrels are now filled with two different types of sours.  Half of the barrels were filled with that same rye ale, but fermented with a different strain called Roeselare Ale Blend.  This strain requires its own blog for describing, but these barrels are just going to sit and age.  The other 15 wine barrels were filled with a light straw-colored kettle soured brew that fermented in stainless using our house yeast.  This strong wood and wine flavored light sour makes up 15 percent of Scicilia.  The other 15 percent of the blend comes from one of our most popular beers not in a can, Belgian Dubbel!   The Dubbel’s color made it an easy choice for consideration and the sweetness of the candi sugar in the Dubblel adds a unique layer to Scicilia.  It took many different blending sessions with many different beers to come up with this combination.  I know, hard work…  We hope that you enjoy our first barrel-aged canned sour.

Oztoberfest, is our German-style Marzen or more popularly known as Oktoberfest.   This will be our first time releasing this lager.  Our traditional style Oktoberfest brings a big malt character with a touch of hops.  A Kansas inspired label for an “Oz” inspired beer.  This beer will be as fresh as it gets as it is being canned on August 3rd.  We hope you enjoy our first Oktoberfest in a can.

Fresh Tappings from the brewpubs:

F’N Ned is making it’s way back on tap after brewing a small batch of it at the East brewery.  F’N Ned has been one of our most asked for beers ever.  A sour IPA that was released in cans a few months ago only to last a short time on the market.

Peachy Wheat is also making its way back on tap.  An easy drinking wheat beer with fresh peaches added during fermentation.  A popular summer seasonal that never lasts long enough for most fans of this beer.  A seven barrel batch was made so it should hang around for a bit.  Cox Farms, off south Seneca in Wichita, is where we go for our fruit.  One of the more difficult fruits to use according to the brewers…

Farmhouse Ramble, coming from the West brewery, is a highly hopped Belgian Saison.  This beer debuted last year and only lasted a short time.   Light in color and moderately high hop aromas and flavors from Calypso and Amarillo make this an extremely satisfying and flavorful beer.  Belgian yeast characteristics are complimented with hints of rye malt spiciness are what make up the backbone of this beer.

One-Off tappings:

These next beers come from our production facility after we unretired our 1.5 bbl brite tanks to use for some special releases.  Beers were transferred through our centrifuge (beer clarifier) into our 60 bbl brites.  Then, 70 gallons were portioned off into the small brite tanks.

Pickle Ball is our Longball Craft Lager dosed with dill seed.  This creates a dill pickle flavored light lager that may or may not help with muscle cramps.  Who doesn’t like a good dill pickle?

CVVVP is our Valleyview Vanilla Porter with cherries.  A perfect fruit match for this year-round staple.  A combination of sweet dark and tart cherries were used.

V.6.Fruit is our beloved V.6 with grapefruit.  We took lots of fresh red grapefruits and halved them before carving out all the lovely pulp and juices into the V.6 IPA.  The resulting beer features perfect harmony between the juiciness of the grapefruit and the citrus-forward characteristics of Cascade and Amarillo hop additions.

Seal Team 6 that was brewed for some new acquired whiskey barrels, will also be on tap.  We filled eight George Dickel rye whiskey barrels with just enough left over to fill the small brite tank.  A slight tweak in this version as we cut some of the aroma hops knowing it is being brewed for aging purposes.   No special ingredients were added in the brite.

Beer Specials:

One way of saying thanks to everyone that have ever supported Wichita Brewing Company is to offer all these beers and then to discount them.   We obviously wouldn’t be able to do any of this if it wasn’t from the support of all of you.  For that, we say Thank You!  Now for the beer specials.

$3 cans include:  V6 IPA, WBC Wheat, Valleyview Vanilla Porter, 5:02 Amber, Longball Craft Lager, Oztoberfest.

$4 cans include: Catherine III, 5:03 Imperial Red Ale, V12 Imperial IPA.

$1 off all draft

Tentative Draft Line up.  Only say tentative because the Pineapple Gose and the Between the Rind Watermelon Wheat might run out before this weekend.  You will notice some beers missing from the list, they will be offered in cans only.

Just Peachy Wheat, Thunder Blonde, English Mild, F’N Ned, One Hopper, Belgian Dubbel, V.6.Fruit, CVVVP, Pickle Ball, Berlemoner, Barrel Medley, Scicilia, Pineapple Gose, Loosey Goosey, Serenity Now, Between the Rind, Farmhouse Ramble, Seal Team 6, Rootbeer, Cream Soda.

Other Specials:

With the release of Scicilia we are offering it on tap for on premise drinking.  And we are selling 4 packs to go for enjoying off premise at your leisure.  You will be able to get it at our party before it hits the market!  To sweeten the pot of purchasing a 4 pack to go, we are offering a FREE WBC branded 13 oz Belgian beer glass from 11 AM to 3 PM both Friday and Saturday.  Be there early to get your free glass!

We have some new WBC swag available for purchase including our anniversary shirt.  Also, a new tank top with men’s and women’s sizing.  Pick up some new WBC sunglasses or WBC koozie for the patio party.  Out East only on Saturday we discounting some of our merchandise that has been discontinued.  This mini “sidewalk” sale will last from 11 – 3 PM with limited sizes and quantities available.

Looking to try a new pizza this weekend?  We just started serving the new Dempsey’s Burger Pub pizza of the month.  The ingredients are red sauce base drizzled with Dempsey’s house made ketchup, American and shredded white cheddar cheese, Dempsey’s house-made pickles, caramelized onions, and beef then topped with baby arugula and Dempsey’s house-made 1000 island dressing.  It’s called The Up-N-Down-Za!

(Pictured with bacon)

Patio Party:

On Friday, at WBC West, we will section off the north parking lot to expand our patio for the night.  Reach for the Sky, a bluegrass band, will be highlighting the music.  A fun band that has played for us in previous years.  You can find more information about them at  Hopperoni Express will be slinging pizza for the patio.  All our cans will be available outside too.  Want something not offered on the patio but is inside?  Just tell a server and we will go inside and get it for you.

On Saturday, at WBC East, we will section off the west parking lot to expand the patio for the night.  Jenny Wood and the Watcher’s will be highlighting the music.  Jenny Wood sang at this last year’s Riverfest and we are excited to have them playing at our party.  You can find more information about Jenny Wood at  Hopperoni Express will be slinging pizza for the patio.  All our cans will be available outside too.  Want something not offered on the patio but is inside?  Just tell a server and we will go inside and get it for you.

We hope to see everyone there this weekend.   Cheers!


Wichita Brewing Company


Written by Kyle Banick and edited by Jeremy Horn and Ned Vahsholtz.