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July 29, 2020

Anniversary #9

Anniversary #9, but not Anniversary Party #9.  Normally we would have a big write up of a cool music lineup for a big gathering at both brewpubs to celebrate another year in the books.   We would explain how many different beers we would have inside vs what beers would be outside.  What food we would serve outside as the party gets going.  We would keep a good eye on the weather to make sure that we could pull everything off.  Internally we would be debating how many servers and bartenders we will need to make sure we take care of everyone in a timely manner.  How many kegs and cases of beers we need to cram into our small brewpub coolers.  How many bags of ice are needed to keep beers outside cold?   Who must set up everything and who must stay late and make sure everything gets put away?  What could we do to make this year’s anniversary party bigger and better for everyone? Well, that is not the case this year.  Insert pandemic here.

So why even have an anniversary if you cannot have a big party?  Celebrating our anniversary is more than just cramming as many people into our brewpubs on one night or weekend as possible.  It is more than hanging out on the patio listening to local music.  It is more than sharing a pint or two with friends on a night.  Do not get us wrong, we love and miss all those things as much as the next person.  Having the anniversary this year is now just a way for us to show gratitude to some of the most loyal customers in Wichita and around.  It is a time that we can reflect for being so lucky to have amazing people support us during a difficult year.  It is a time that we can be thankful for all the little things that we take for granted every day.   With that in mind, thank you.

What will this year’s anniversary look like then if it’s not going to be a party?  The best part of all our anniversary party is our beer lineup.  This year is no different than previous years.  We have saved the release of some exciting beers for Friday, the 31st.  I think the most anticipated beer on the beer lineup is Key Lime Pie.  This was formerly Tallgrass Brewing’s more popular seasonal releases that they did.  Did not know we were making Tallgrass Brewing brands?  Where have you been?  Just kidding, we are and that is story for a different blog.  Everyone will get their first taste of it this weekend.  Just think Key Lime Pie in a glass and you will not be disappointed.  We also are releasing the first beer in a new series called Sour Psychology.  This is a barrel-aged sour red ale with black cherries.  The combination of all the flavors in this beer meld together perfectly.  Another exciting summer release is our newest Wichita Hard Seltzer Black Raspberry.  Light in every way possible except in flavor.  Seltzer beers are not going away anytime soon and with one drink of this one, you will agree.  We have a couple specialty anniversary seltzer kegs to tap on Friday.  The east brewpub will tap a lemon green tea flavored seltzer.  The west brewpub will tap a pineapple seltzer keg.  We only have one keg of each.  If anyone is into big beers and big flavors, we have that covered too.  Hatch Green Chile Barleywine is one to satisfy the biggest flavor seeker.  After Johnson Garden Center had to cancel one of our favorite events, Iron Head Hatch Green Chile Fest.  We thought we would pay homage to them and their event with this beer offering.  If you like a little salt in your beer, we have that as well.  Pineapple Lime Gose will be freshly kegged on Friday morning right before the doors open at 11.  One beer that is becoming an anniversary staple, Grapefruit V6.  V6 infused with some of the biggest grapefruits on the market.  A juicy hopped up IPA that comes around once year.  Like all these beers? Be the first to try it.

It still sounds like you are trying to get a bunch of people to your place and not be socially responsible?  We are offering all these beers to go and our amazing food to go as well.  Any single topping pizza ordered to go will only be $9.  Anniversary #9 with $9 single topping pizzas to go…Creative, we know.  We will be fully stocked with cans, growlers, and pizza boxes ready to help you celebrate wherever you want to celebrate.  So many can options, that it is too many to list.  Well just list on here, an appropriate beer lineup will be able to do that.  We are open for dine in and having a beer inside.  We just want everyone to keep in mind that everything is available to go.  Like everyone or almost everyone, you will need a mask to enter and move around at the pubs.  And of course, you do not have to wear a mask while you eat or drink.  It is just too messy to do that.

What else can I (customer) do to help WBC celebrate their anniversary?  We (WBC) want to share your story on your favorite WBC beer, pizza, experience, event, anniversary, or anything related.  Tell us on social media by tagging us in your favorite story and we will share it on our page.  Do not have social media?  Email production@wichitabrew.com your story that you want to share.  To show appreciation of your story, we will pick 10 people’s story and give them a WBC shirt of their choosing.  Already have every single shirt we have made.  We can find something for you, do not worry.  You can send those stories over Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.   I will give you an example of a story of mine.  One of my favorite beers we ever did was the first time we made Barrel-Aged Seal Team 6.  We had just picked up four freshly dumped Leopold Whiskey barrels from Colorado and filled a couple of them with Seal Team 6.  My mind was blown on how much barrel and whiskey flavor seeped into the strong Black IPA.  One of many favorite beers we have done over the years.

Thanks for reading and cannot wait to read some of your stories.  Cheers to you and thanks for helping us turn the big 9.  We are grateful for your support, especially in these trying times.


Wichita Brewing Company

Kyle Banick

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