Anniversary #8 Party Details!

8 Year Anniversary Party Details

Here are some details about our anniversary party coming up on Friday, August 2nd. It is going to be hosted at both brewpubs on Friday, unlike previous years where it would be our west location on Friday and East location on Saturday. Both beer and food lineups will be identical. The only difference will be the live music on the patios. The west side patio music will feature Reach for the Sky. They have been a west side staple for live music in years previous. The east side location will feature a new band called Keeper. We are excited to hear them play.

We have our biggest beer lineup to date available at both brewpubs this weekend. Inside we have 19 total taps flowing, two of which are pop sometimes called “soda”. Five of those options on tap are brand new and have never been released. They are Uisce Beatha Barley Wine 2019, Cherry Mix A Lot, V6 w/grapefruit and Mango, Gose w/spearmint and watermelon, and Wild Foeder Sour. We will also have eleven different can options that are all on special this Friday. With what is on tap and what is available in cans will give 26 different WBC craft beer options. A little bit of everything for every different taste bud.


Beer specials and promotions.
If tapping all these new beers wasn’t enough, we are also going to run beer specials. First of all, it is seasonal Friday special day. We will keep that promo running all day and night. Which means the following beers will be on special for $3: Between the Rind, Oztoberfest, Gose w/spearmint and watermelon, Berry Berlemoner, and Saison in the Abyss. The other special will be a can special on everything we package. It will be $1 off all our cans. $3 house beers, $4 seasonals, $5 Mad Scientist $6 Catherine III 2016. Yes, we are bringing Catherine III 2016 out of the cellar. You will be able to order a can inside or outside for the patio party.
We are also releasing our Oktoberfest seasonal lager, Oztoberfest for the anniversary. This year we have a .5 Liter logoed stein to go with the beer. You can order an Oztoberfest in the stein and keep the stein for $15. But, since it is Friday and Oztoberfest is a seasonal, it is on special for $12! If you some reason, you just want the mug and not the beer it is $10. You can also get your mug refilled. Only customers who are buying the stein will get the Oztoberfest poured in the stein. Only the Oztoberfest will be poured in the stein and not any of our other beers.

Food and patio party.

If you haven’t been in the last month, we rolled out a new food menu. It features quite a few new items and lots of new recipes on previous items. Lots of new items for everyone to fill up on. The biggest addition to the menu is our wings. We have wanted to do them for quite a while but finally figured out the perfect way to make them.

For everyone looking to eat on the patio this year. We are going to do something completely new and hope you enjoy it. We are going to fire up the grill for the patio party. The outside menu will feature brats boiled in V6 IPA, hamburgers, corn on the cob and chips. You will be able to order your food with your beer on the patio starting at 6 PM.

We will also tap 10 beers outside for the patio party. All the special anniversary beers will be on tap outside along with all our cans. Plenty of options for everyone.

The west side will block off the parking area just to the north of our brewpub. This will flow from our current patio into the patio party area. The east side will extend out to the west of the building. Please be sure to keep your beer in the roped off area.

We hope to see as many of you on Friday as possible. We couldn’t do this without your support for the last 8 years. Cheers!!

PS. If for some reason you can’t make it on Friday, we will keep the beers on tap all weekend. The specials only apply for Friday. While supplies last.

WBC West 8815 W. 13th
WBC East 535 N. Woodlawn


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Mad Scientist Experimental Series

Mad Scientist Experimental Series

We are excited to announce the release of our new Mad Scientist Experimental Series! Our goal with this series will be to release a new brew specimen roughly every two months. This limited release beer will go fast and will turn into a new project very quickly, so make sure to get them while you can! We are kicking off the series with a Double India Pale Ale infused with Peach. This juicy double IPA will not be filtered; therefore, we recommend keeping it cold and drinking it fresh for an optimal experience. One of the coolest features of this can label is that certain features will glow in the dark! This new process has not been done by many out there in the beer world. The area highlighted in green on the beer label will glow in the dark after being charged by light. We aim to release the first specimen at the end of July.

With something new means something old must go away. We are dropping our EPIC (high gravity) line of beers to make room for the Mad Scientist Experimental Series. In short, V12 Imperial IPA, Seal Team 6 Black IPA, and Mass Hysteria Rye will not be brewed for packaging this year. They will be brewed on the brewpub level to be served on draft at our two brewpub locations.

What new beers will be coming next from this Mad Scientist Experimental Series? We plan on producing a Milkshake IPA brewed with coconut, vanilla, and lactose. A new glow in the dark mad scientist label will be created as well. Later, we plan on doing an Imperial Brown Ale with coconut, which will also feature a new label. In the meantime, we will be in our test lab lair, dreaming up our next specimen.

Special thanks to the creative team at PPK and our label printer at US Tape & Label for all their work on this project. You can find more information about them at and