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December 31, 2017

Wichita Brewing Co. 2017 In Review

Here is a look back at 2017 through some pictures.  2017 was a good year for Wichita Brewing Company and we hope you had a great year.










We started last year just like we are going to start 2018, with our New Year's Day specials.









We started our pizza of the month program and that will also start Jan.1, 2018 with some new places.













Jeremy and Kyle went to the state capitol, where Jeremy spoke on behalf of Kansas breweries.











In March, we held our second annual relay marathon that benefits the Kansas Food Bank.










In April, we launched "I drank Wichita", which we will do again in 2018 with some new places.











































We launched some new brands in 2017 including F'N Ned, Longball Craft Lager, Scicilia, and Oztoberfest to name a few.











We celebrated our 6th anniversary by hosting parties at WBC West and WBC East.











We held our second annual golf tournament which benefited the Kansas Food Bank.













































One of the biggest highlights of the year was winning a silver medal at the Great American Beer Festival.











We signed a lease on the building in front of WBC East to be a Venue.  Opening spring of 2018.











We were in the news a couple of days for someone stealing our truck that we got back the next day.














Most recently, we released our newest beer, WuShock Wheat.


Hope you enjoyed our year in review and cheers to what 2018 will hold.



Kyle Banick



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